August 8, 2009 Award Ceremony: Kevin                                                                                          McCallum                                                                                                                                                  


                                                          Congratulations! JJL Miller Foundation is pleased to announce that you are the recipient of a Toshiba Laptop.                                 

                                                                                  We are granting this award to assist you in your pursuit of additional education, including computer training                                     

                            and for the initiative you have displayed in assisting with the innumerable details involved as it relates to

the White Hall Estates Program: Complacent No More/Empowerment.


                          We feel that you have the potential to excel in the pursuit of the objectives of your “action plan” and we are

       proud to play a small role in helping you to realize your dreams.


                          JJL Miller Foundation wishes you continued success and much luck in all of your future endeavors.




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         Shawnine (Volunteer) and Kevin                                                                                                     Kevin and President, Lillian


                                                                       Some of the guests at the ceremony                                                      


                                                                               After the ceremony                                                               






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