July 26, 2009 Award Ceremony: Wendy Whyte                                               


                              Congratulations! JJL Miller Foundation is pleased to announce that you are the recipient of a Toshiba Laptop.      

                          We are granting this award to assist you in your research efforts as it relates to higher education, i.e. the prerequisite

classes needed to attend college and subsequently, college.


                              We feel that you have the potential to excel academically and are proud to play a small role in helping to

“pave the way” for an individual such as yourself, who shows such promise.

                             JJL Miller Foundation wishes you continued success and much luck in all of your future endeavors.




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  Award Recipient-Wendy Whyte                                            Award Presentation by Vernon


 Wendy receives a hug following ceremony                            Wendy's Mom at the award ceremony    


Gary presents flowers on behalf of himself and President, Lillian                                         Wendy and her Mom                                          








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JJL Miller Foundation
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Washington, DC 20019

To obtain general information:
Please send your inquiries to: information@jjlmillerfoundation.org
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