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February 19, 2010


 Haiti Project


As TV coverage unveiled the devastation caused by the earthquake on January 12, 2010, I immediately wanted to go to Haiti to lend a helping hand. I was especially disturbed because although “the world” gave so very generously, apparently, logistics and inefficiencies prohibited aid from moving very quickly to those who were in such dire need. Seemingly, security concerns sometimes adversely affected the flow of aid yet such concerns may have been tempered had the flow of aid flowed more rapidly to those who were in need. We want to assist and help assure that “All” in need, have their basic needs met. Thereafter, we wish to assist with temporary housing provisions and the building of structurally sound homes that will be better able to withstand natural disasters such as  earthquakes and hurricanes. In conjunction with the building of homes, we wish to provide various opportunities to enhance the lifestyle of the Haitian people.


We are willing to commit to a minimum of five years. Realistically, it may take approximately ten years to rebuild the country but we will assess where we are in terms of our contribution for the rebuilding of the country annually after the first five years. We feel that the Haitian people need to be educated and provided with vocational opportunities; we intend to implement such as we go about building homes---job opportunities related to construction and administrative skills can be easily implemented. The educational and vocational training along with employment opportunities will go a long way in empowering the Haitians.


This program “Helping Haiti” will need to be funded. We can prepare preliminary budgets prior to going to Haiti the latter part of March. For ongoing operations, once we set up headquarters, we will be able to better assess monthly aid needs/operating expenses. We are prepared to fully account for every dollar and to keep overhead costs at a minimum so that most of the aid we receive can go to the Haitian people (as those contributing intended). We welcome all cash contributions, pledges and commitments since this will be a vast, ongoing effort. Our current bank account will be utilized for current donations; you may contribute to this account by going to our website: , making donations and pledges, and clicking on the Helping Haiti “donate button”; alternatively, donations may be mailed.  We will set up the Haiti program on the website and will update the Donations Total as donations come in. A second bank account will be set up for donations in excess of monthly operating expenses; funds will be transferred as needed. Regular financial statements will be posted on our website.


                                                                  Helping Haiti

                                      May 12, 2011: "16 Months After" Fundraiser 

16 months later, few visible signs of rebuilding. With your help, we can begin building permanent homes and provide programming to help the displaced Haitians!

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    July 17, 2010 Message to NGO Colleagues

                                        Communities walking for Haiti: April 3, 2010

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