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           Making Pledges and Donations



The JJL Miller Foundation has been established in memory of my mother, Joyce Miller and my sister, Joyce F. Miller. In addition,  the Foundation serves as a legacy for Lillian C. Miller. One of the purposes of the Foundation is to initiate and promote recreational and educational programs for youths and young adults; particularly those who are economically and culturally deprived. In addition, programs will be established to assist those who seeking to better their circumstances and who are actively participating in their own rescue, i.e. individuals who have demonstrated and embraced life style changes such that they can become productive members of society.


            With perseverance and hard work all dreams are attainable. With your assistance, the dreams of those less fortunate become a reality. Pledges/Donations may be made for administrative purposes and/or for programming, including scholarships. Pledges/Donations may be made in memory of your loved ones. What better way to celebrate their life!


Pledges can be made monthly or annually in varying denominations. In addition, donations can be made via check or credit card; please see information listed below.


                                 Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.                                                                                            Thanks for your support!


                                             Please select your donations by clicking on the relevant "Donate Button".


                                       Scholarships  U.S. Program-Administrative 

                                       U.S. Program-MiscellanousU.S. Program-Adults  

                                       U.S. Program-Youths U.S. Program-Recreational & Educational     

                                       In Memory of Your Loved One (s)   

                                           Jamaica Programs      Haiti Program     

                                           Life's Lesson: Mentoring Program     








Donations can be mailed by using the form below:

Please download, fill out and return via an e-mail attachment to or mail to:       JJL Miller Foundation

                                                                                              4204 Grant Street, NE

                                                                                              Washington, DC 20019 



                                                                                                 Pledge/Donation Form









Contact Information:

JJL Miller Foundation
4204 Grant Street, NE
Washington, DC 20019

To obtain general information:
Please send your inquiries to:
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