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  Partners and Program Assistants: The applicant's information has been put in a database; details are below. Please go to the subdomain:            jamaicaapplicantsdatabase.jjlmillerfoundation.org. Please contact JJL Miller Foundation for login information. Thank you!                                                


1.  The application database contains the applicant's application. In the comment section at the bottom of the application, are notes regarding portions of the          application that need to be completed and/or additional infomation needed.

2.  Applicant Action Plan: A personalized action plan has been developed for each applicant. The action plan details the educational,vocational and life skills needs of the applicant. In addition, each applicant who is currently unemployed, is expected to look for employment. Said employment is to be maintained. In order to meet the basic requirements to obtain housing, all individuals must be diligent and proactive as it relates to their action plan.

3.  Partners Assisting With This Project: Please feel free to add suggestions and make comments with regards to the Applicant Action Plan; particularly, the applicant's progress. I am particularly interested in Your Feedback regarding the suitability of the applicants for this program. This program is geared for those willing to participate in their rescue!!! Thanks in advance for your help!!!!



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To obtain general information:
Please send your inquiries to: information@jjlmillerfoundation.org
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